Wonderful Night


Friday night John and I went to Joanne and Grahams for a special caribbean evening, and it was a fantastic night. The evening began with us being greeted with Planters punch and wonderful smells coming from the kitchen, Joanne had cooked for us this time which is different as she has never really shown a great interest in cooking just the eating part.

We sat down to a wonderful pumpkin soup, this was the first soup she has ever made and it was amazing, this was followed by a melt in the mouth spicy pork dish with perfect rice, we ended the meal with a large pineapple being brought to the table, she then lifted the lid and served out a wonderful dessert of passion fruit, pineapple, brown sugar and rum topped with cream, we could not believe how wonderful the food was, we would have happily paid a restaurant for this meal. We had quite a few laughs as Joanne told us that she had picked the dessert without reading what was involved and then ended up doing battle with the pineapple on the afternoon as she tried to scoop out the middle and keep it intact.

We then finished our evening playing on the wii and generally making fun of each other, it was such a nice evening and I now think i will have to compete with my daughter in the kitchen, many thanks Jo and Graham

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