Nothing Wrong With Being A Sheep


I have this week read an article in the Times on Saturday which did not annoy me but maybe got under my skin a little, so I just felt Ishould share it with you all and also my thoughts on it. The shortened version is that a lady has wrote a book on how she sees today’s society, she then pretty much goes on to state that we are all to pressured into everything we do, we do not make decisions clearly because we are blinded by advertising and media like a heard of sheep, well this got me to think about how I live and what choices I make or why I make them. In the article it talked about all teenage girls needing to keep up with latest fashions or otherwise feeling they do not fit in, about the fact the having the latest smart phone is now a status symbol which people feel they must have.

Well my take on things is that I do not mind fashion I find it entertaining, I do not buy it unless I really like a thing, I do not feel we all dress the same, in fact I feel now more than ever you can more or less wear anything, if you look at pictures from the fifties all the woman had the same hairstyle, all the men’s suits looked the same and I think they only had two colours of cars Black or Grey. I do like a lot of the old values things like all sitting down together for family meals, doing things as a family but I see nothing wrong with having lots of choice, having fun with colour, and being educated enough to know that advertising is an industry just like any other, yes they are selling but trust me products that are rubbish are very soon shot down now we have the power of the net, it is the best jungle drums you could wish for. When buying most things today I always look for reviews on the net, just simple research which I believe most of us do, and as for teenagers being under too much pressure I don’t think it is that much different from when I was a teenager, we all wanted to look trendy and cool in the latest gear but as you mature and become more independent you begin to develop your own style, I believe it is all part of being in a community and it would be so boring without technology, fashion, cars and smart phones, I say thank you for all the things we enjoy today, the hoover, the washer, the microwave, the computer so if that means I am a sheep well yes I am the one over there wearing pink!!!

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