Pork Belly with Yorkshire Pudding

Cooking up something on YouTube


Hi everyone

Just a little update. I have started putting together a few YouTube Videos of some of my basic recipes. I have a talented granddaughter Imy who is about to graduate from Bath Spar University and will be entering the working world and juggling her work/life balance. She has a boyfriend Frankie, who is at university in Bristol. He will often cook for her but my idea is to provide her with some quick ideas that don’t cost a fortune to cook. They are nutritious and most will freeze. I talk about the shortcuts that I use as I work full time and to have to plan a meal in advace, so I am sharing my tips.

Most recipes can be found on my website, but I may not have had time to do all of the updates. My belly pork recipe is not here yet but the recipe is so simple and has so few ingredients, I don’t see it as being an issue.

I hope that you give them a try and also let me know if you need a good recipe for a particular dish.

Stay safe Susie xx

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