Why cannot things be easy and clear cut?


This week I have found myself really frustrated, people only telling you half a story and then not even trying to understand where you are coming from. This all about setting up a company but it rings true of so many things which happen today. John found he had little option but to start his own company, which we both found very scary, I got in touch with some IT accountants as this is a specialist field regards to laws about IR35. They were all very charming, all saying it is so easy, happens so quickly, yet none of them telling you what is really involved.

They fail to tell you that you have to take trips to the banks to set up accounts, that you need all sorts of insurances, which has to come out of your pockets and then they tell you that you need a financial advisor who also wants to charge you, which would leave you with next to nothing. Then when you say you are concerned they say, well yes it is a big commitment, why don’t they say that first before they take your money, are they not guilty of miss selling??? We decided we do not yet need the finanical advisore  and I went out and found our own insurance which was cheaper.

Anyway if anyone has questiions feel free to ask me and I will tell you the truth for free but hope fully after 6 months my nerves will have settled down and I won’t feel quite this way.

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