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Just as I finished my last post poor little Paige was taken into hospital with a bad chest infection which need intravenous antibiotics, she was allowed home after two days but then had to go back in a week later for another overnight stay so again it has been a very uncertain period

Slowly Paige has got stronger  and has spent the last couple of weeks quite happy with short visits to the toy shop and fun times with her sisters and brothers. The children broke up for the summer holidays and all seemed to come home with glowing reports and various school prizes which was wonderful for Jo as she often worries that she does not get to spend enough time with each of them individually.

As John and I are not having a holiday till November when we take Paige to Center Parcs we decided it would be nice to have a weekend away, so we booked a stay in Bristol. It was the first time I have been to Bristol and I was not sure what to expect, we did not know when we booked it was the Bristol Festival. This was wonderful the harbour had so many things going on, a real party atmosphere, we did enjoy our visit and will go back as we now know there is lots to see which we have not yet done. On the Sunday morning after leaving our lovely hotel Marriot Bristol center we went back down to the harbour but drove round to the far side, we then got the little water ferries across and spend three great hours going around the wonderful SS Great Britain. We loved the way this visit is made so interactive and no signs up do not touch, infact quite the opposite they like you to touch and have your pictures took there. It is a real family experience and worth the visit.


We have been so lucky with the weather and we have been given use of the pool and tennis courts a couple of times which have fallen on wonderful days so we have been able to have the children up for lots tennis and swimming along with evenings spent eating in the court yard on warm summer evenings, I just do not want it to end. Hope you enjoy the pictures of summer fun. xxx

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