What Can We Expect From Our Police Force?


I was shocked and horrified reading an article yesterday about the Mother who took her own life and that of her 18yr old disabled daughter, the jury listened to a truly sad tale that should have been acted upon long before this poor woman became so frightened she could see no way out. The police chief in-charge of the force who were involved in this stated that the police no longer handle social behaviour problems that it is down to the councils involved.

What is classed as social behavior problems to some would be classed as outright thuggery to others, this group of young people who terrorised this family at one point marched this woman’s son at knife point down to a garden shed, now to me that is a criminal act against a person and should have been dealt with as such, the poor woman made 33 calls to the police to know avail, the judge in this case has already stated that both the police force involved and the council have a lot to answer for, but that will not give them their lives back.

I know many police men and women now feel that trying to carry out police duties is very frustrating and too tied up in red tape, it stops them from being old fashioned policemen, we need them back now, before people start to take the law into their own hands, vigilante law would be a step  back for all of us, we need level headed common sense policing to sort this growing issue.

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