Family Weekend


At last I had an almost normal weekend, which was very enjoyable. My brother and sister-in-law drove down from the North East to spend a long weekend with me, Paige adores her Uncle Dave so we decided to have her and Imogen over to stay as well, my brother brought his teenager with him so we felt it was a good mix.

It was truly wonderful spending time with them, we walked, we played tennis, we picked  brambles and we had a few good meals with excellent wine. Imogen and Chris loved spending time together, Paige was so happy and it was a weekend with lots of laughter. Slightly down side was my poor sister-in-law came down with a heavy cold and had to spend most of Saturday in bed, but she is a trooper and bounced back next day, she also made sure no one suffered because she had cold.

I am very close to my brother, he is all I have left from my direct family, and I adore him, so living 307 miles away is not easy for me and I like to spend every minute with him when he is here. Strange thing is that he has the same special bond with Paige they love each other so much. I also have noticed how I become a northerner the minute he arrives even though I have lived in Wiltshire for 19 years, and he takes great joy in telling us how soft we are, but all in good fun.

The weekend was too short and waiving them off was very sad but I am heading home for a quick break as my husband’s brother is having a post wedding party so I will be staying with him then, and at Christmas they are coming back for 4 or 5 days so that is a terrific gift for me. Lots of fun pics of the weekend.

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