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I have used Facebook for several years now and basically really enjoyed the social media experience, keeping up with friends and family living many miles apart, watching children grow up and watching the rest of us grow old. That is why I joined Facebook , sharing holiday photos and silly moments in our lives, also sharing sad moments when you could wish a friend well or offer your thoughts on problems they were having.

Lately though I have found my self looking at streams of posts on the latest food which will give us cancer, if I listed them all I don’t think I would be eating very much at all , maybe surviving on fruit and a few vegetables ! I also seem to have a  constant stream of nothing short of chain letters or the like where people are saying if you are my friend copy and paste this in your status or they will unfriend you ! Then let’s get to the stream of fake posts from dodgy news suppliers simply there to upset things and let’s not forget what went on with Brexit! The Brexit issue really upset me , I saw levels of hate coming out in people , I saw young people turning on old people simply because they felt being old meant they should not really have a say in the future, I saw selfishness appear at a frightening level. People began to feel intimidated at work often by employers and all of this was going on in front of me on Facebook!

The otherside to all this could be is why did I simply not leave , I did come off it for a couple of days , but then I began to miss the pictures my friends would post of there dogs or children up to mischief. I then changed the way I view Facebook and started to block items I found annoying , or upsetting , I became very selective who was on my friends list and simply failed to do the copy and paste thing. I still find I get to many things saying if you care copy and paste this into your status, er why ! Is it not better to simply put your own thoughts down if you care ! Friends who really know me , know my values, they know I care about my fellow man, they know I care about our planet and the next generation coming along who will have the huge task of trying to keep it all together. We cannot hide from the sadness in the world today or the injustice but for now I want my Facebook to be the fun, kind , silly place it was before and for now that is how I will be using it . I wonder how many other people have even noticed if it has changed at all or is it the way people are now using this social media space ?

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