Happy Halloween


Even though I still find myself so busy I feel like I am living on a carousel, this weekend has been more fun than of late. We celebrated Halloween with the kids, dressed up, had apple dunking, an electronic sweetie hand which the kids love and of course a handsome pumpkin. The children love tradition and I feel as they grow older they will tell their children tales of the Halloween parties at grannies.

When life seems very complicated and you don’t think it can get more so it somehow does. This week John had to form a LTD company this due to changes the government made in agency working, meaning we were going to be down a lot of money. My worry now is that it all seems so complicated and everyone seems to want a piece of what he is earning, our accountant says that is not so but lets wait and see, easy it has not been!!

On a happier note Joanne is about to become a founder of a charity set up to provide play parties to special children, social services asked her to take this role and I am very proud of her proving herself this way. Joanne will show herself to be a very strong person who is also very approachable and having true experience of these children’s needs.

Next week John and I will be away we are going to Center Parcs to celebrate his 50th birthday, we are only going to Longleat that is just down the road for us, but that means the family can come for the day and share some of our holiday. John will love that as he is very much a family man at heart, but we are both also looking forward to a little bit of quite time together, this has been a tough year.

Stay safe and have a good bonfire night, love to all.xxx

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