It Is just not fair.!!


I so wish I was back in Egypt where this was taken, Taba Heights to be exact, it was peaceful and stunningly beautiful, the sun was amazing, as in always out.

In stead I am stuck in recession hit England and dare not even think about the future, and yesterday I read an artical about some person with 4 wives and claiming benefit for all of them. I know everyone is blaming the banks for this current crisis, and yes I can understand that stance but I also think when we have a benefit state that seems to look after more people that are not of English origin and we see our own young people losing their homes and jobs, then been told they do not qualify for certain benefits, it has got to throw up the question when it is time to say enough is enough, and bring back Winston Churchill, well my chilled white wine is calling me now and I think I need it.attachment-single-post-thumbnail

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