Lowcross Farm, Pinchinthorpe, Guisborough

We have just got back from staying at this is a little Airbnb that we picked up for a couple of nights as we were on a visit to see family but I wanted to share it with you because it’s a little gem and definitely if you’re wanting to head up to the north of England, this would be brilliant. You’re not far from the Yorkshire Dales and this lovely place is in in a little village called Pinchingthorpe, near to Guisborough and just 30 minutes from the seaside town Whitby, which is very famous no only for it being the fictional landing place of Count Dracula but for its abby. Whitby Abby well worth a visit,

This particular property is very well positioned you’ve got out to the back of us you have a Country Walk that leads you up into the Cleveland Hills. If you’re into really into walking there’s just an awful lot to see and do in this area so it’s really worth if you’re on a weekend to wear some somewhere different this is worth considering or like us if you’ve got family living in the area and you want to visit.

This is a lovely little place it has two bedrooms one room has a very comfortable double bed and the other is a twin. The only thing is that it doesn’t have a bathroom, but it does have a shower room that is very nicely done.

The sitting room is not massive but it is really comfortable very good quality sofas this is a two literally two-seater that is a two-seater but it’s actually massive that’s over six foot long and seat easily three maybe four people. It has beautiful flooring all the way through with underfloor heating. Even though it is summer we just had to try the little log burner.

Just outside there is your own space, although there is no gardener as such there is a little
patio with a little seating area enough four people.

Then we’ve got a very nice kitchen very well thought out, that has a wine fridge, a large fridge and freezer. Everything is very well thought out with high quality appliances. The whole cottage is kept very clean but be aware that there’s no dining room just a breakfast bar with four seats.

I think what they’re worried about is people who come somewhere like this to have parties so I don’t blame them it’s very nicely done no one would want this place ruining.

Stone floors are beautiful, I am impressed by the level of cleanliness. For a full review and a look around I have made this little video for you.


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