NHS what it stands for ??

I have decided after today that NHS is not nationl health service, but need help someday!!!, as you all know my granddaughter Paige has been in hospital for surgury, she was sent home yesterday Friday, she was informed that a nurse would call and check her dressings and generally see everything is doing well. It did not happen that way in fact no nurses work in the community to cover children on a weekend, so we got a Doctor who was not really interested but he took the dressings off said oh yes they look as though they are doing ok, I then said if he gave me the dressings I would put them on, he replied he had no dressings and Doctors do not do that type of thing, all I can say is if you are bleeding to death do not call a doctor just the paramedics.

As it happen I work for the NHS on a small specialist team, I rang them went and collected dressings and went and finished the job, my thoughts are with others who would have been left in a very worrying situation.

Lets get back to days when Doctors knew how to take a blood sample, would put stiches in and dress it, days when Nurses really nursed people, oh my god I sound so old, better find something liquid to lift the mood. !!!


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