Saturday afternoon my ex boss is dropping in for drinks and a quick chat, well what do you serve people who are used to the best, I could not have gone wrong with this classic wine.

Domaine Masson-Blondelet have been producing this for seven generations so I felt I should be in safe hands, this wine is Sauvingnon Blance grapes and is one of the Loire valleys revered wines.

From the point of view as a drinker of the wine it gave me a lot, very different from the grassy, lime and fresh Sauvingnons of New Zealand, I love these too but they are so different!

This french wine is complex and feels very adult in its nature, gooseberry and smoky , you can almost taste the limestone it grows amongst but in the most wonderful way. This wine found favour with the person it was meant for, he was delighted to be offered a quality wine and I was delighted to share it, saddly at £17 per bottle it is only for special occasions , unless I win the lottery.

You can pick this wine up at Waitrose in their fine wine section, try it and enjoy.


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