REVIEW: Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon

California does it again for me, I have over the past two years drank some amazing wines from California this one from the Barefoot Cellars is a true delight and carries a gold medal for 2011 Ultimate Wine Challenge.

A huge bonus is the price tag, this is very decent wine that I can pick up for around £5.50 although my Waitrose store always seem to ask £6.99 per bottle but even at that price it is cheap, it has never let me down the quality does not alter. A full bodied wine gushing with blackcurrants and a deep dark richness, as I pour this wine I cannot help smile as the aroma hits me. It does have a fault to it, I cannot think how many time my husband and I have opened a bottle with dinner and then had to open another to have with cheese, you just do not want it to end. Yes it has given me a bad head but that is my fault and now it is a firm family favorite.

My Brother in law Matthew flies out to California in September to marry his lovely girl Paula, I really wish I could be there not only for the wedding but for the wine tasting that would definitely become part of the trip, instead I will have to ask him to test them for me.

This wine is great with pasta,any red meat, and just as good with simple bread and cheese, it is a very nice 13%, hope you try it and love it like I do.


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