Review: Rabbit Row Sauvignon Blanc


I really enjoy a good Sauvignon Blanc, nine times out of ten I find it to be a classy wine with  a sensuous mixture of flavours going on, this one did that for me. My husband found it a little too floral for his palate, but for me it was walk or drink in the garden of Eden, and the temptation was to open another bottle, I was good and did not.

Yet another solid winner from New Zealand, I do find that when buying wines from this country it takes the hazard out of it, I have only been let down once and I have bought many from the country. The Sauvingnon Blanc is 13% of pure pleasure, it is floral but also gooseberry and peaches, a very clean and crisp wine, shipped in by Maison Vin Ltd and bottled in the UK. I bought this bottle on special at Waitrose this week for £6.66 should have been £9 and worth every penny. Serve with lite things like Chicken and Fish so you do not loose the beautiful fragrance and sweetness of the flower bed. Enjoy.

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