Susie’s Espresso Martini

Something different for you. We love having an espresso martini and they are so easy to make. This how I make it. I make it with my favourite toy, my Sage One Touch Coffee machine. It has spoilt me as now when I go anywhere I compare it with the coffee that I make. The only issue that I have with it, is that I still haven’t got the hang of doing the coffee art, but it still tastes so good. Last night we really needed a pick me up and although John said that he wouldn’t have a coffee, he some how changed his mind when I offered to make him this. You don’t need a fancy coffee machine to make this, you just have to have a way to make an espresso. This is pretty basic, and the way that I like to make it is equal measures of Absolute Vodka, Kahlua and Espresso Coffee. I have done a little video on how I make it, I hope that you will give it a try.


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