Susie’s Ninja Baked Bread Buns (Bread Rolls)

I have never made bread in my Ninja before and I was quite thrilled with the results. This is a similar recipe to the basic pizza dough, If you are going to use a mixer, it will need a dough hook attachment.


  • 300ml of lukewarm water (200ml cold + 100ml boiled hot water)
  • 1 tsp of caster sugar
  • 2 tsp of salt (10ml)
  • 2 tbs of vegetable oil
  • 7 grams of Active dried yeast
  • 500 grams of “00” flour, plus extra for dusting. We like to use the red bag Caputo flour


  1. Mix the yeast and water in a jug
  2. Place the flour and sugar into the mixer, making a well in the middle
  3. Pour the vegetable oil and half of the yeast mix into the well you created and start the mixer on a slow speed
  4. Let it mix for a minute, then add the rest of the yeast mix to the bowl
  5. After 30 seconds or so, add the salt and let it mix for 8 minutes.
  6. Remove the dough from the mixer and place in a bowl and cover with clingfilm to double in size. The time that you leave it depends on how warm the room is
  7. Remove from the bowl to a flowered board and give it a slight knead
  8. Cut into roll/bun size pieces and place in the Ninja pans and leave it to stand for 45 minutes until the dough balls have grown and are meeting each other
  9. Turn the Ninja on to a roast at 200 for 10 minutes and turn down to 180 for another 5-8 minutes
  10. When you take the roll/buns out they will need to stand on a wire rack so that they don’t get soggy bottoms

These freeze very well when cold

2 thoughts on “Susie’s Ninja Baked Bread Buns (Bread Rolls)

  1. your recipe calls for 00 flour, yet you refer to the flour in the video as strong, please can you verify which it is, we have tried this and adhered to you instructions but each time the tops come out brown and hard

    1. Hi Graham, yes I always use 00 flour but other people have told me it works with what they buy and is called bread flour, I like 00 because it has a higher protein level. My rolls did get turned to avoid them getting to well done and bake the bottom. They also are crunchy on the top they are not a soft roll but the bread inside is lovely and soft. Can I ask which airfryer you are using. I have found as I now have two Ninjas one being hotter than the other . I would recommend turning the heat down a little if yours are getting too dark . Hope that helps xx

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