Half Term Premier Inn Deals


As we approach October the half term gets ever nearer, what shall we do with them parents all over the country are asking themselves, Premier Inn have a terrific offer on their rooms which does not alter just because it is half term, most of the other companies do put their prices back up for this week in October.

Premier are offering family rooms which sleep 4 plus a travel cot for £29 per night for the room, if you also book the breakfast online at £7.50 per adult the kids then eat for free which means the total cost for bed and breakfast is £44 for a night for mum, Dad and two kids.

I also like the fact the rooms are a little bit nicer than Travelodge and that you are always next door to a family friendly pub which you can take the kids in on the evening and have a meal and a glass of wine together without having to go and search for somewhere to eat.

Go on take them away for a night or two. This picture is of the Bournemouth Premier Inn and it is more expensive but such good value.


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