Never enough time!!

Got say this, I really wish life would slow down just a bit so I could catch up, I am currently so busy I cannot sit down and flick through a magazine or even think to myself I am bored, still I suppose I should be grateful it means when I turn 80 I will be able to really enjoy sitting with my feet up.

I am trying hard to be there for Joanne during this time with little Paige in that awful cast, trying to support both her and Graham, also trying to support John during this bad time for him, trying to hold down two jobs, and also trying to keep my sight up to date, so really I need 28 hours per day and I might stand a chance.

I am really looking forward to the weekend my baby brother is coming down to see Paige and stay with me, I will miss Jackie, as she is really like a sister to me, but I know we will get together in May, but I am looking forward to some quality time with David.

We will sit and talk about the dales and the moors all of which I miss with a breaking heart, I miss the smell of the heather, the biting wind as you walk the fells, my heart belongs to Yorkshire, but I do feel at home in Wiltshire, it has a gentleness that lets me find a sence of peace, so this weekend at least I will walk the fields of Wiltshire with a Yorkshire man by my side.


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