All Things Alcoholic

Although this page is a favourite of mine, because it is a good excuse to open a bottle of wine, it will also includes some fruit punches, kids cocktails and more boozy cocktails, in fact anything that I think that will appeal to my friends, as long as it comes out of a bottle or out of a juice carton. Quite importantly, I always have an eye open for bargain wines and special offers.

ML Chardonay-Pinot Grigio

Wine from South Eastern Australia, ML stands for Melbourne lounge retailing from Tesco’s at the moment in there sale for a cracking £3.99 worth every penny of £7. This wine is so full of flavour … Continue reading

White Burgundy

A very classy White Burgundy from Chardonnay grapes in the Cote Chalonnaise area of Burgundy. This wine is a little more expensive than everyday plonk with supper, it comes in around £9 a bottle but … Continue reading

A Wine for Cat Lovers !!

Chat-eu-Oeuf. This is a very happy  French dry rose coming from the Languedoc region of France, you can taste the sunshine and smell the meadow flowers, it has just a hint of sweetness to it, … Continue reading

Red Nose Red Wine

A soft sultry sexy wine that leaves you wanting far more than is safe to drink, flavours of the hedgerows, bramble, rosehip and sloe berries all add to the fusion of flavours. I could see … Continue reading

Vondeling Erica

Before you ask no I have not won the lottery, on special occasions I like to have a really special wine and sometimes you have got to pay that bit extra, this one is well … Continue reading

Red Nose White Wine Wow.!!!

This wine is simply amazing get to Tesco’s and grab some before it is all gone, £2.49 the best money I have spent. It is produced by Damien Hurst who makes good wine and this … Continue reading

Bubbly Girl

I am a true lover of Champagne and if I had my way I would start every morning with a glass,to me it is the greatest tonic ever invented. I am a great fan of … Continue reading

Cheap and Cheerful

Wow is the credit crunch hitting me, and many others I know, when visiting my local petrol station which is also a Spar shop I noticed a special offer on some wine 2 for a … Continue reading

Porta Reserva Chardonnay

This wine is worth drowning in, and as I am not really a lover of chardonnay that must mean it is really nice. It is a powerful white 13.5% so be carefull, it has so … Continue reading