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Fast and Furious

That’s my life at the moment and somehow doubt if it will ever change, the other side of that is , do I want it to change ? Somedays I get very tired and long … Continue reading

Imy does Cardiff

Feels like I am spending quite a bit of time in Wales this year, but to be honest not half as much as I would like to. My second granddaughter Imogen turned 14 a few … Continue reading

Time is flying by

The stormy waters that have been my life for the past nine months now seem to be settling a little, to a gentle swell and I am still waiting for the mill pond effect to cut … Continue reading

Marriott Hotel, Cardiff

Review: Marriott Hotel, Cardiff

This really a two part review as we snapped up two Dinner, Bed and Breakfast offers at the Marriot and at the Novatel in Cardiff. The second review I will be posting shortly with a … Continue reading

Review: Cardiff

For a weekend break I would highly recommend Cardiff. The city is modern and with the huge amounts of money put into the regeneration of the city really shows. Although you still get a mixture … Continue reading