This is a page for family favourite recipes, many passed ont to me from friends and family, all of them have been well tried.

With budgets in mind, a lot of the recipes are adapted to use cheaper cuts of meat, also most of them are freezer friendly, so we can make large portions and stock them in the freezer.

I am always grateful to people sending me recipes that they love and then to share them on this section for others to try. I will be putting up some vegitarian recipes and all the recipes benefit from organic or home produce, if you can afford them or you grow them yourself.

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Susie’s Mince Pies

There is nothing like homemade mince pies and this is my favourite recipe

Bread & Butter Pudding with a Jack Daniels Butter Sauce

Preparation time 25 minutes and 40 minutes for baking

Sharing Platters

Two weeks ago when friends came for supper the conversation turned to eating in the garden in summer and our favorite things to eat. My friends are great lovers of the barbecue but for me … Continue reading

Welsh rack of lamb

Welsh Rack of Lamb

This is a little different for me as I have found I have had to split this dish up, people have got back to me asking how I cooked the rack of Lamb I tweeted, … Continue reading

Summer Pasta

I have been making this dish for so long now I decided last week as it is courgette season to give it a bit of a makeover and it had really nice results, although if … Continue reading

Chicken and Veg Curry

One of our family favorite recipes, it freezes very well and I often make a big batch then freeze it into smaller portions. The children in the family enjoy this as much as the adults, … Continue reading

Brasato al Barolo ~ Braised Beef With Red Wine

Barolo is the king of Italian wines, is supposed to give the maximum flavour to meat and other dishes. Good Scottish beef, full of wonderful taste and tenderness, combines perfectly with the wine, producing this … Continue reading

Susie’s Mexican Green Pork

I recently got asked for a good Pork dish, one that could be classed as a one pot dish that you could leave and go back too, this has got to be the recipe as … Continue reading

Chicken & Tarragon With Sun Dried Tomatoes

A truly lovely summer recipe, the sun dried tomatoes and the tarragon mixed with the lemons makes you think of summer evenings in the med. This is a dish that can sit around for a … Continue reading

A Different Mixed Grill

Last night I cooked a dish which left me with polenta left over as I cannot stand wasting food I put it into the fridge for today, in Italy polenta is often fried or grilled the … Continue reading

Italian Sausage, fennal, and green lentils

Italian Sausage, Fennal & Green Lentils

I am at the moment going through an Italian phase, it is one of my favorite nations for food, generally I love the rustic feel behind the food using simple pure ingredients but producing wonderful flavours. … Continue reading

Updated Version Of Lemon Drizzle Cake

I would not have believed I could find a better recipe than the one I have had on my site for sometime but I have! Although it is so very close to being the same … Continue reading

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Olive Tree

The Olive Tree Restaurant is a family run business that began in 1982 by a husband and wife team George & Vasoulla. The Greek Cypriot couple consider themselves to be now adopted Yorkshire folk. They have firmly established themselves and family with 3 restaurants, all in the Leeds area.

George's philosophy on food is "Real ingredients cooked by real people." The Olive tree has now many accolades for its food and maintains its position in the Good Food Guide. It is the only Greek restaurant to be in this guide.

Click Here to visit Olive Tree Greek Restaurant

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